Are Gummy Vitamins Effective?


Children everywhere consume gummy vitamins daily. Parents assume that by giving their children these vitamins, the children are receiving the proper nutrition supplements that they should be receiving at their young age.  


However, in order for the kids to actually eat the gummies, they have to taste good. What people forget about before feeding kids these healthy treats is the reason why they taste so good: from the amount of the sugar they contain, rather than enough nutrients.  


It is proven that the excessive amount of sugar in these gummy vitamins can actually deprive the body of the nutrients parents are actually trying to give their children.


Here are a few of the reasons that gummy vitamins may not be the best choice for your child:

  1. They are like candy so are easy to overdose on
  2. Most are not regulated by the FDA
  3. They contain unnatural ingredients
  4. Gummy vites actually  have too much sugar which make them bad for your teeth


However, there is a silver lining – natural and organic gummy vitamins can be a sufficient way for children to receive a variety of vitamins. Organic and natural gummy vitamins are typically easy to digest and also delicious; more importantly, they are not as bad as the unnatural ones.
Sometimes gummy vitamins are simply supplements for the people who cannot take pills for various reasons.  But the bad outweigh the good; therefore, I feel that parents should reconsider the type of gummy vitamins they are giving to their children – go for the natural and organic instead of the sugary vites.

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