Has Wearing a Fitness Device Made Americans Healthier?


Some of the hottest gifts for 2016 include smart watches and fitness trackers, but are these health devices just a fad?

Maybe someone you know received the new “Fitbit” for Christmas or you might have even received an Apple watch, which has similar health tracking features. These companies have made a variety of affordable products that contain different features that are meant to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

The more expensive trackers have better features and to appeal to all ages, they also come in a variety of colors. Displaying features, such as steps and stairs climbed, encourages people to have the desire to reach a certain goal. Consumers can also compete with each other in regards to steps walked in a week or other similar activities promoting health, which makes that hassle of taking a few more steps all the worthwhile.

These companies are making millions off consumers to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle, but is it really helping?

Although these products make the buyers feel and seem fit, Dr. Cody B. Clinton of the Courier-Post explains that people who wear Fitbits and other health devices “did not show any statistically significant changes in blood pressure or weight.” Understanding this, why do people still have the desire to buy these trackers?

The answer to this is because it is a fad.

Over time, the trend of buying these health trackers will diminish and some new health device will come about.

The trackers are fun to have and challenge friends to achieve the goals set. For now, these are moving America towards a healthier future because the fitness trackers encourage people to want to be more active; but, as far as weight loss for individuals, it does not do much.
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