Managing Time at the High School Level

Getting good grades, staying active, and keeping up with all of your class are essential when it come to succeeding in high school. When preparing for tests, you need to find motivation within yourself and develop a plan to help you do well.

All students are different: some prefer studying alone because they are able to concentrate more, while others like to study with friends. Setting up study groups at lunch or before/afterschool is an awesome idea. Not only does it help you, but other kids as well: two minds are always better than one! Noise distracts some, but on the other hand, listening to music may work for another.  Music is actually proven to motivate students and help them focus.

Always pay attention when your teacher is talking. It is easy to miss important information, such as due dates or test dates, and trust me, you never want to be surprised! When given a date for your test or project, write it down somewhere so you can remember and start studying. If you study for at least twenty minutes a day, you won’t have to cram when it comes to the day before your test; you will already be prepared. Before taking a test, always set a goal to for yourself; encourage yourself that you can do well because you can as long as you believe in yourself.

Managing your time is important to be successful academically and personally. Procrastination is not something that students should follow.  Procrastination makes students cram, which makes you stressed and anxious. Cramming all the information is not an effective way to learn. Studying, working hard, getting good grades, and enjoying high school matter because all aspects reflect your character and lead to your future.

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