Power Rangers Review

Title: Power Rangers

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 2 hours and 4minutes

Release Date: March 24th 2017

Grade: B+

Reviewed by: AIDAN GLENDON


Power Rangers is the latest in a long line of both superhero movies and studios mining past successful franchises (TV or movie) and rebooting them for new audiences, while tapping into the old ones for the nostalgia factor. Based off of the EXTREMELY long running show (834 episodes, to be exact), with many variations of the name, Power Rangers tells the same old and tired superhero of finding powers, training, and battling an enemy that is both way too strong to defeat and way too evil to be interesting at all. But, this movie does it better than most.


Most superhero flicks take a way too underdeveloped character and spend more time on powers, gadgets and fighting, leading up to a spectacularly choreographed final fight with amazing special effects. Power Rangers does the opposite, delicately taking the time to introduce us to each character. Over the first hour and twenty minutes or so, the audience gets to intimately know each main character and see how this burden of power and responsibility weighs upon them. It is in the 3rd act where the movie begins to fall flat, with a final fight that seems a little too rushed.


The main team of rangers is made up of 5 teens, all of whom do their part to reflect the world we are living in today, not the world of 1993, when the show first aired. The main cast is rounded out by: Bill Hader as the goofy and borderline irritating sidekick; Bryan Cranston as the ancient mentor; and Elizabeth Banks as the villain. And credit to her, because her role may not be written well, but Banks does as much with it as she can. You can tell that even though she could be phoning it in, she is really doing her best to make her character interesting, a difficult task since her villain has no explained motivation and very little backstory.


Everything in this movie is very well done. The cast is so dynamic and fun to watch, the music perfectly sets the mood, and the effects and design are much better and smoother than the predecessor. Not to mention the small-town vibe perfectly sets the mood for the teenager-experience of the movie.


While a feature length Power Rangers movie was never really asked for, nor necessary, this film certainly proves relevant and fun. I went in expecting Transformers-level entertainment, but got so much more. And obviously, since this is a superhero movie, there is a mid-credits scene setting up a sequel, but it is one that I hope to see soon. I would be disappointed if this first installment were to be the last.

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