Stabbing at Texas University


On Monday May 1, 2017, Kendrex White, a student at Texas University at Austin, went on a stabbing rampage on campus, causing three injuries and one fatality.

According to Farmer, Mekelburg, and Jaramillo, authors of “Suspect in UT Austin stabbing charged with murder, had been committed before,” authorities revealed that White, 21, was committed to a neurologist for a psych evaluation not long before the incident; results deemed White normal.

Back at TU, students are appalled that White is the main suspect in this ongoing investigation. Witnesses of the fiasco described White as easygoing and always friendly, as stated by Farmer Mekelburg and Jaramillo. The journalists for the Dallas News captured freshman Rachel Prichett saying, “‘I heard people screaming. ‘I saw a guy standing there…holding a machete-type knife…He grabbed this guy by the shoulder who was facing him and stabbed him in the back, and so I turned around and started running away.’” More accounts of this atrocity have been documented as we wait to see what comes next at TU.

These appalling events have lead to a thorough investigation lead by the Dallas police, starting with White being held in custody on murder charges, without bail permitted.


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